Here you can see projects I made.
Here are projects from web development mostly but also you can find my projects from Android development.

Web Development


Calendar is a calendar web application with CRUD options and possibility to manage users in calendar, to give them tasks, and to manage time for tasks. You are able to add new users with their data and to add users from your Google account. The application contains Google API. Visit for more details.

Todo List

Todo list is a web application for managing tasks. A user can add tasks, which can be deleted after their completion. Please visit the application for more details.

Bunt Org Website

Bunt org. is a WordPress website of a political organization. The website contains a few pages with sliders and the option to make posts.

Quiz Game

Quiz game is a JavaScript web application with a few questions. A user needs to answer the questions with offered answers. The answers can be checked at the end of the game by seeing correct and incorrect answers.

User Search Engine

This is vanila JavaScript web application created for searching users in the list.


Android Development

Interactive Lottery System

Interactive Lottery System is an Android game, which consists of five interactive games. A user is able to win an award, if required fields are open.

More Android applications will be here soon!
For now, you can visit my Github account with a few Android applications.