The Catalon Studio

Katalon Studio

Did you use it before? I did and I am using it for my work in the company, and I can say it is amazing QA tool.

So, let’s talk about Katalon Studio and see what we can do as a testers with it.

The project flow

The project flow is a structure of folders where we put our data, we will see now in the list a structure of the flow

  • Test Cases
  • Object Repository
  • Test Suites
  • Data Files
  • Checkpoints
  • Keywords
  • Test Listeners
  • Reports
  • TestOps
  • Include
  • Plugins

How we can see the list is large and for new users of the Katalon Studio can be a little tricky. Here I will explain some of the items from the list because there is a lot of information and I know that you don’t like to read for 2 hours, so let’s short it a bit 🙂

Test Cases

Katalon Studio supports Keywords-Driven testing where test cases consist of keywords that represent the actions of users on the AUT (Applications Under Test). This allows users with less experience in programming to easily generate automation tests. I other words, you can call your created script (Groovy and Java supported), and then run an automation test from a test case, easy right?
So now when you know a basic about test cases, you can go to this link and read a more advanced text about how to set up your first test case.

Object Repository

The Object Repository is your storage for path from a web page or Android application, you can use XPath, CSS, attribute, and more to store your objects. Then you call them to the test case, a very easy way to run the automation test, I think. What do you say?
You can use this link for more information about Object Repository.


My favorite, here I like to play, in the code. So here you can write your Java or Groovy code, you can also include Selenium and TestNG and more automation tools for your test. I must mention here that if you want to use your class form Keywords, you must give an annotation that is @Keyword, this notation is important for test cases, without it test case cannot see your class.

Data test

Data Files

Data Files is the folder for all data that we can use in the test, for example that can be CVS file of word document for your test.

This is a short explanation for some of the items from the list. Try to learn more and use more information for yourself from the Katalon Studio website, they have great documentation and easy for understanding.

Spy tool

Spy tool

Let’s say something about the spy tool, spy tool is a useful tool that can help us to find the best path for our test. If you need a path to the element from the page, just active spy tool, add a web address, select a browser and click on the start button. From now a new window will be open and you will see when going with a mouse over some element, its border become red. When it happens, just click right-click on the mouse and select capture element. That all, now back to Katalon Studion and in the spy tool window, you can see the path to the element on the page.

That all for this story, but soon I will write about debugging the errors in the Katalon Studio. I think it is very good for testers and developers to know, how to fix the errors in code.

Stay awesome and write your own code 🙂

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